Gyuto Japanese Handmade 8 Inch Kitchen Knife

Gyuto 8 Inch Japanese Kitchen Knife

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The Ultimate Japanese style kitchen blade, the Gyuto is designed to take on any cutting task. Fruits, vegetables, meats or roots the Gyuto can handle it all! Our 8 inch Gyuto outperforms other knives for larger cutting tasks, cutting food prep time. Need to make precise cuts on a small piece of food? Not a problem! The Gyuto's uniquely curved blade allows you to use the tip for more precise cuts. When food needs cut, you'll find yourself grabbing for your new Gyuto every time!

The Gyuto is up for the job! Designed to be the workhorse of your kitchen, we engineered our knife to handle anything. Lightweight and durable, this knife can be used all day and you will still be ready to tackle more.

Sharper than surgical scalpels, designed to cut with ease. Our double beveled knives are sharpened to a 12 degree edge. So sharp it can cut through a tin can, but strong enough that it will still slice a tomato paper thin immediately after.

The Gyuto can tackle every cutting task in your kitchen with ease. Whether you need to cut meats, slice fruits, dice vegetables, julienne carrots, brunoise some celery, chiffonade some cabbage, or mince garlic. The Gyuto can do all these and more!

See for yourself why hundreds of people every day are replacing their old chef's knives with the Japanese Gyuto Knife!